You should believe that we can become friends, back to say that you know me as a man, there are a few men who don't care, just like you said that I just can't stand to be broken up by you! Besides three years, you don't believe that someone will hold on like this! Since it's all the same, why do we have to be in two strange worlds? I'll feel very happy knowing you're good. Isn't that enough! If you think I still love you, think about that maybe I have let go. As for how to let go is my own business, as long as you understand that we can meet at the beginning as we did in September 2009. If we are not together, we are not good friends. As for who loves first, we will not pursue. Anyway, it is both of us. If you can't let go of yourself, I really am Will not be reconciled! My heart's calling didn't work, I would feel that the world was false, and I would feel that my writing didn't have power. In fact, I don't have a friend now. I found that my friends are one by one. No matter who is Li Shan, I haven't been contacted for a long time, and I've already felt that if I'm looking for a girlfriend, I really can't help myself, and I want to keep a good shape I'm really tired. I can't wash my hair for many days. My female classmates have been married. I feel very lost. I feel that I'm no longer young. I really don't want to write this passage. After all, I'm used to being lonely. Maybe I can't write this article without you talking with me this time. How can I put myself To get rid of this barrier, maybe I'm lazy and get rid of it without being urged. Wenjing, if you don't want to call me tomato, please call me tomato. Everyone in the article reading website calls me tomato. I feel a little lonely here. I haven't talked for a long time!